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Eco-tips; Drawdown EcoChallenge

I had planned to start addressing Project Drawdown’s “100 Solutions to Reverse Global Warming”, starting with number one, BUT; I see that they have an “eco challenge coming up, from April 3 to April 24. So I’m going to link to that instead.

Question for mods and GT community Question for mods and GT community

We all know that we are slowly hemorrhaging commenters, and very few new commenters are finding us, because we are no longer on the Jezebel pulldown menu.


Empty Wheel is starting a series which aims to explain the Green New Deal. The comments are very articulate too.

Eco-news; Finland will phase out coal a year early

In addition to “Eco-tips” posts, I’ll also try to post positive news in smaller bites.

Eco-tips Eco-tips

I’d like to continue the conversation that commenter vulcansareheartbreakers started a couple of weeks ago regarding environmental concerns. And right away kinja is pissing me off, because it’s linked treehugger in the wrong spot and I can’t get rid of it. grrrr.

"Real estate" opportunity for BackTalk Village

The closest neighbours would be 4-7 miles away.

Comment share from SNS

Because we can’t do a straight share anymore, and I hope people can get to the original comment from here.

Zhang Ziyi and Wuxia films Zhang Ziyi and Wuxia films

Man, it’s been so long since I posted anything! Anyway; for some reason youtube has been “recommending for me”, all these martial arts movie clips, and I keep seeing Zhang Ziyi films coming up.

Share from SNS

Jez commenter eliza-cat is in a bad situation, and has okayed a share here to see if anyone has any advice. It’s probably a good idea to reply to her original post, rather than my post here. (grr; kinja won’t allow a straight share anymore, so I hope this works)

In a Black Mirror, darkly


Your morning "Awwww"

Rocco, the African Grey Parrot loooooves Alexa and like to order things online, and dance to Alexa music.

Your daily cry

This young man’s compassion and humanity are unbelievable. After this disgusting bullying, he’s offered the hand of friendship to those who bullied him.

Share from SNS 

Apparently kinja will no longer allow a straight share; only an embed in a new post. All hail the newer more improved kinja. So go to Novel Solution’s comment to reply, rather than this post.

Protests planned for Thursday, Nov. 8

Re; the Sessions firing and Whitaker hiring. From act.moveon.org

Good luck, America Good luck, America

Don’t be like Tiffany;

Dragons! Dragons!

Apropos of nothing, simply because I saw this and wanted to share; a papier mache “sea dragon”

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