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Jez commenter eliza-cat is in a bad situation, and has okayed a share here to see if anyone has any advice. It’s probably a good idea to reply to her original post, rather than my post here. (grr; kinja won’t allow a straight share anymore, so I hope this works)

In a Black Mirror, darkly


Your morning "Awwww"

Rocco, the African Grey Parrot loooooves Alexa and like to order things online, and dance to Alexa music.

Your daily cry

This young man’s compassion and humanity are unbelievable. After this disgusting bullying, he’s offered the hand of friendship to those who bullied him.

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Apparently kinja will no longer allow a straight share; only an embed in a new post. All hail the newer more improved kinja. So go to Novel Solution’s comment to reply, rather than this post.

Protests planned for Thursday, Nov. 8

Re; the Sessions firing and Whitaker hiring. From act.moveon.org

Good luck, America Good luck, America

Don’t be like Tiffany;

Dragons! Dragons!

Apropos of nothing, simply because I saw this and wanted to share; a papier mache “sea dragon”

If you voted early ...

A commenter on Palmer Report is urging people to check online to see if your ballot has been received and counted.

Aussie doggies; Kelpies and Cattle Dogs Aussie doggies; Kelpies and Cattle Dogs

I get to do a twofer; featuring the theme of the week and highlighting my angel doggie, Kia, who is most likely a blend of two fine Aussie herding dogs, the Kelpie and the Cattle Dog. As far as I can tell, the only Australian breeds are herding dogs. Both Kelpies and Cattle Dogs are medium sized dogs, coming to about…

A small ray of sunshine

Reverend William Barber, a wise and gentle man, a true Christian (and I say that as an agnotic; he walks the walk), has been awarded a MacArthur Award. From Wonkette;

Counterpoint to "Resting Bitch Face" Counterpoint to "Resting Bitch Face"

Inspired by purplewhatevers’ post the other day on facial expressions, I’d like to add a new term for those of us who present a particularly animated face to the world; Active Kirk Face, or AKF

Don't just "respond" to Trump's climate change denial; "treespond"

Here are a couple of inspirational articles from Treehugger, one of my favourite sites;

Toronto meetup with HoneyHeart

All new update; mrsfinch is available for dinner, as am I. I’m heading out for dinner, so will not be replying until later in the evening.

Canadian slang (OWYAC steps up to the plate) Canadian slang (OWYAC steps up to the plate)

mrsfinch and anybody else, feel free to add;

Mid-terms, Texans, mid-terms ... Mid-terms, Texans, mid-terms ...

(And I can’t believe I know this much about American politics)

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