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Eco-news; Canada to ban single use plastics

We need some solutions for wet(ish) things, like picking up after dogs, and for lining green bins (municipal composting programs of organics), and many “compostable” plastics won’t cut it, but these just might; I’m going to look for the MyAlphaPet bags, because they say they are made from cornstarch and other…

Eco-tips: heat pumps for heating and cooling

Home heating and cooling are huge issues, and huge drivers of climate change (and no, I’m not going to bore you with statistics to prove facts that most of us are on side with).

Companies backing anti-choice candidates

Boing boing has a list of major corporations funding anti-choice candidates. They also give a link to an article detailing the most effective way(s) of getting said corporations attention;

Eco-news; Texas surging ahead in renewable energy sources

Of course, I don’t understand most of what I’m reading in the article :D, but it sounds like good news!

Eco-tips; Supporting Girls and Women Eco-tips; Supporting Girls and Women

(Photo from Plan Canada)

Eco-news; off-grid solar in Kenya

This was a very positive article from one of my favourite sites, CleanTechnica. One of their contributors lives in Kenya and writes from the perspective of someone living in a small community in the developing world.

Eco-tips: Plant-based diet

A plant-based diet is number 4 on Project Drawdown’s top 100 solutions to fighting climate change. I’m going to add in one or two more of their top 100, starting with this post, otherwise it’ll take a looong time to get to all 100!

Eco-tips: cutting down on food waste

Cutting down on food waste is #3 on Project Drawdown’s list of solutions to climate change (we haven’t even gotten to fossil fuels yet!). Number 2 is onshore wind production, primarily using windfarms, and that’s an infrastructure item that the ordinary person might have difficulty installing, although there are…

Eco-news; fly the friendly (electrically powered) skies Eco-news; fly the friendly (electrically powered) skies

From CleanTechnica, an article about Harbour Air, which they say is the world’s largest floatplane-only airline, which is switching all their aircraft from fossil fuels to electricity. They fly about 500,000 passengers annually. and yes, this is short hops, not intercontinental, but as one commenter on the article…

Of interest to U.Sians

From emptywheel;

Politics, corruption and the little guy Politics, corruption and the little guy

Of interest to USians, from Boing boing

Eco-tips; Refrigerant management Eco-tips; Refrigerant management

Number one on Project Drawdown’s areas of concern is not fossil fuels, or plastics, or factory farming. Number on on the list is refrigerant management, and that’s because refrigerants are thousands, yes, thousands of times more dangerous in terms of global warming than carbon dioxide.

Eco-tips; Drawdown EcoChallenge

I had planned to start addressing Project Drawdown’s “100 Solutions to Reverse Global Warming”, starting with number one, BUT; I see that they have an “eco challenge coming up, from April 3 to April 24. So I’m going to link to that instead.

Question for mods and GT community Question for mods and GT community

We all know that we are slowly hemorrhaging commenters, and very few new commenters are finding us, because we are no longer on the Jezebel pulldown menu.

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