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Muslim Americans Explain What 'Jihad' Really Means

Gizmodo Media Group is teaming up with Smartypants Pictures to premiere the second season of The Secret Life of Muslims — a video series with a view on modern Islam you’re not getting on cable news.

What Tricks Do You Have for Learning a New Language? What Tricks Do You Have for Learning a New Language?

A bunch of Lifehacker staffers are planning international travel this year, and we want to know how you learn a new language quickly. There are so many different methods out there, but no real hacks beyond working hard and applying yourself.

How to Get Into Photography (Without Being a Dick About It)

So: you love taking pictures on your phone and want to upgrade to some fancier equipment. But where do you start? How do you know how much to spend on a camera? And where will you go to take great pictures?

How Charles and Ray Eames Brought Modern Design Into Every Aspect of Their Lives

If you think of iconic design couple Charles and Ray Eames as “the chair people,” you’d be technically correct, but missing out on all the other innovations they created during their lives.

Check Out These Essential Apps for Editing Photos on Your Phone

“It’s probably the most fun time to be a the history of photography.”

Learn These Two Words Before Visiting a Foreign Country Learn These Two Words Before Visiting a Foreign Country

You’ve probably already downloaded Duolingo before your next big international trip, but there are two important words to know before going to any foreign-speaking land.

Start the Year by Deleting Twitter From Your Phone

At the live recording for our podcast, The Upgrade, our guests went around to share their upgrades of the week. While the theme of the evening was “How to Fail,” our guests had some success stories, too.

Chris Gethard Thinks You Should Steal Toilet Paper From Work

At the live recording for our podcast, The Upgrade, comedian Chris Gethard admitted to having taken toilet paper from a previous employer (in his words a “Manhattan Improv Theater”—try to guess which one).

Two Methods for Tying the Perfect Bow Every Time

Gifts are fine, I guess. But what really makes a present sing is the perfectly tied bow on top.

How to Not Fail at YouTube, With Akilah Hughes 

Comedian and YouTuber Akilah Hughes joined the conversation on “How to Fail” at our recent live podcast recording for The Upgrade.

The Lifehacker Staff's Best Upgrades of 2018

With 2018 coming to a close, we asked the Lifehacker staffers what one change made the biggest impact on their year.

Save Money (and the Planet) By Wrapping Your Gifts With Trash

Gift wrap is expensive and wasteful—you spend so long wrapping something up all pretty, just to have the paper ripped off and thrown out immediately.

What to Learn From Getting Fired, With the Hosts of 'The Nod'

In a very special live episode of The Upgrade about “How to Fail,” Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings of The Nod shared what they view as each other’s biggest failures.

The Best Videos of 2018 The Best Videos of 2018

Videos! They’re like articles that come alive. Everyone loves ‘em, and we made a whole bunch this year. These are our best videos from 2018.

Comedian Chris Gethard on the Biggest Failure of His Life

Chris Gethard is a famous comedian, podcast host, and author—but it took him a long time to get to where he is today. His new book Lose Well is all about growing from failure, so he had lots to share at our live podcast recording of The Upgrade’s episode on “How to Fail.”

What a Video Game YouTuber Does All Day 

“Professional Vlogger” is a pretty new occupation. While watching the Smosh Games YouTube channel might seem like a bunch of friends having fun, we followed host and founding member Mari Takahashi to see how the team comes up with ideas, figures out what shows are working, and what happens during 8 hours of shooting.

The Amazing Story of Hedy Lamarr, Movie Star and Prolific Inventor

Hedy Lamarr became a household name as a star in the golden age of Hollywood, but behind the scenes, she was also one of the greatest minds of the 20th century.

Let These Doctors Tell You If You're Dying 

Every time you have a bad headache or pain in your chest, you might rush straight to WebMD and furiously research, caught in the grip of a full-on panic.

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