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I got sidetracked by one of those dumb sidebar things: SHOCKING SECRETS ABOUT MR. ROGERS! I was like WUT *click*

March 24th: A Good Day for Our Country March 24th: A Good Day for Our Country

This has been one of the most extraordinary, heartening days in my political lifetime, going back a lotta years. Everyone who marched, everyone who called, wrote, donated, obstructed, resisted, this is your day. The Freedom Caucus in the House was never going to be satisfied, they were never getting on board with…

De Blasio Meets with Trump, Other Stuff De Blasio Meets with Trump, Other Stuff

“It was important for me to explain to him how fearful people are in this city, in this country, that not just the rhetoric but some of the policies that have been proposed literally have people wondering whether their family members might be deported, whether because of their religion they are going to be…

Awful Crash in Hoboken Awful Crash in Hoboken

Jersey commuters, is all well? Terrible pictures coming out of the Hoboken train station. Injured apparently in the 100s. So strange to see such a familiar station basically messed up beyond belief. Thoughts are with the injured and affected today.

Chelsea Explosion

Chelsea explosion. Hope everyone’s okay. Seems like we’ve lucked out, no loss of life. New Yorkers don’t freak out. Let us know what’s going on on your end.

I’ve been a party guy for most of my life. I vote lefty democrat, I support lefty democrat causes, I’ve marched and donated and done what I could, in between life’s various obligations.

Scenes from a Marriage, part XXIII

Me: Hey, the next time you put in a FreshDirect order, can you get a bag of King Arthur bread flour? Missus: (not looking up) It’s on the way. Will be here tomorrow. Me: (blinks) How did you know we were out? Missus: I looked at the jar. Me: How did you know I didn’t have some in the freezer? Missus: (cocks an eyebrow at…

Christmas Nerdery Christmas Nerdery

Got this as a Christmas gift. Amazing. I’m thrilled. It’s sometimes really great to be a history nerd married to another history nerd. :)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Thoughts (mild spoilers)

It was a lot of fun. It was a well-crafted carnival ride, returning a venerable franchise to the spirit of its youth after the disastrous Lucas trilogy. But is it a groundbreaker, a movie I’d want to see over and over and figure people will be watching and arguing about decades down the line? Not exactly. If you want…

Goodbye, old friend

So, for six years now I’ve had an internet home. A place to share my dumb musings about my cats, about baking, about gummi candy and politics and science. It’s been a source of great joy in my life. I’ve had GTfolk on my foldout countless times, I’ve shared holiday turkeys with GTfolk, I’ve baked them bread when they…

Celebrate Kim Davis?

I have often, here and elsewhere, compared the kicking and screaming of right-wing homophobes in these interesting times to the stragglers of the Imperial Japanese army, hiding in the hills and continuing to fight a lost war for thirty years:

Sunday Dinner? Sunday Dinner?

I’m marinating some tuner fish steaks in homemade teriyaki: shoyu, brown sugar, honey, sesame seeds, garlic, ginger. There will also be cous-cous with a lot of garlic, spargaruses with olive oil and bisquits slathered in buttah. What’s everyone else up to for fooding tonight?



Let us celebrate the glory of vaccines Let us celebrate the glory of vaccines

Smallpox was humanity’s great enemy for ten thousand years. Responsible for 300-500 million deaths in the twentieth century alone, the last century in which it was free to ravage humanity.

Congratulations to Capt. Kristen Griest and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver. Congratulations to Capt. Kristen Griest and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver.

First female Army Rangers. Good for the army for giving them the opportunity, good for them for kicking ass and taking names.

Sneaking Home... Sneaking Home...

Flowers? Check.

Is it Migaloo? Migaloo, Jr.?

Either way, the white whale has a certain hold on our imaginations.

Re-Watching Rome Re-Watching Rome

The whole show is worth it just for Titus Pullo’s explanation of the clitoris to Vorenus.


It is ON, people! Those other LOSAHS are GOING DOWN!!1

That thing up top That thing up top

I can’t make out a single word of it now. Anybody? Bueller? Just looks like BLURTHINGANDMOREBLURTHING

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