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Muck Funday Muck Funday

So back on Festivus, I went off on how someone screwed over an extremely reliable supplier by running their mouth to the wrong individual. Then about 10 days ago I mentioned that there was an executive level meeting regarding this. It seem that it went well enough that I was under the impression that things could go…

Goodnight Oppo Goodnight Oppo

The Green Hell.*

TIL... TIL...

...this ad is a year old but it’s the first time I saw it on a broadcast channel, The Smithsonian Channel.

Muck Fonday Muck Fonday

Don’t worry. It was broadcast tv from the 80's. So it’s SFW...

Goat Fund Me

Yes, this is real.

OH NO!!! OH NO!!!

The Snowplowman took out my mailbox!!!

Lazy Snow Day Lazy Snow Day

Smokie enjoys it

Take this King T'Challa Take this King T'Challa

It's on me work computer!

Ask Oppo Ask Oppo

Ok Oppo [beep], what are those hoses for snaking from the hub through the rim of this trailer tire?

It's Official It's Official

I’ve switched from Sprint to Google Fi!  Thank you fellow Oppos for the advice the other day.

Took long enough Took long enough

Someone had to be the first in this town.

[last night] DOTS [last night] DOTS

A W210 E430. Visually, it’s seen better days.


Don’t steal your roommate’s lottery ticket

Presented w/o Comment

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