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[Haul] Second-hand shop treasures [Haul] Second-hand shop treasures

Featuring Hotwheels, Playart and MC Toys. [I also purchased a gold MBX Dodge Viper GTS but I did not take a picture of it. Sorry)

Teutonic Tuesday: Project car edition Teutonic Tuesday: Project car edition

This is one I like to keep it around because it reminds me of my own stagnant project in the garage. It’s a well-worn Playart 2002 in some scale smaller than 1:64. given to me probably 15 years ago by the owner of a 2002 specialty shop. Needs everything, as they say.

Database Photo Dump! Database Photo Dump!

I’ve been taking a boatload of pictures of cars in my collection this week for an online database. Figured I’d share some of them, I know how much we all like pictures!

Slow Day Volvo Slow Day Volvo

Seems a slow day here today - so I'll post a Volvo to slow things down even more... ;-)