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Heads-up for vintage racing photos

I’ll be posting some photos over on Oppo from The Mitty! I had a blast down at Road Atlanta on Friday watching the vintage racing. Great stuff! Anyway, check out the first post here:

This DIY Light Stand Costs Less Than $5 to Make This DIY Light Stand Costs Less Than $5 to Make

We’ve shared a number of budget-friendly, DIY solutions to light up your photos and videos. But maybe you still need something that’s equally as easy on the wallet and sturdy to hold up your DIY lights. Well, here you go: a light stand that’s made out of PVC and costs you less than $5.

Appointment with a Koenigsegg One:1 Appointment with a Koenigsegg One:1

A friend of mine who knows me through our local Cars & Coffee works for Michelin. This week they had the very last One:1 (1 of 6 worldwide) in their North American Headquarters for three days. The One:1 is shod in custom Michelins, naturally. Specially developed Pilot Sport Cup 2s. Of course they’re specially…

DB10 DB10

Here are a few quick iphone shots of my new DB10. It’s a beautiful little car! I love the super-fine vents printed on the hood.

Craig's Diorama build–pt.3 The Photoshoot Craig's Diorama build–pt.3 The Photoshoot

It’s time for some pictures! As usual, enlarge these to really enjoy them.

Craig's Diorama build–pt.2 Craig's Diorama build–pt.2

In case you missed it, here is Pt.1

Craig's Diorama build–pt.1 Craig's Diorama build–pt.1

This is my second diorama, and it’s much more ambitious than the first. You should also know that it’s a playset for my two boys, who are currently 3 and 4. So it’s full of compromises, generally leaning towards durability over realism. Still, I wanted to create a fun space that would work well for taking the…

[OFF-Topic] Astropix [OFF-Topic] Astropix

And now for something completely different, I must show you this. AstroPix is a huge warehouse of free space pictures, from releases from NASA, ESO and other space agencies. You can browse by subject, search for your favorite galaxy and download everything! Most of the pictures can be downloaded to 4k resolutions (or…