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Friday Foto Dump Friday Foto Dump

I’ve been trying to post a daily picture to my diecast Instagram (camshaft_chris_collects_cars) lately, but I’m realizing that has caused me to neglect you non-Instagrammers by not posting anything here. So to make up for that, here’s a photo dump of stuff from my IG, along with a few things I haven’t posted anywhere.…

Rrrrrange Roverrrr Rrrrrange Roverrrr

Range Rover photodump time...! :)

Happy 100, BMW!  Happy 100, BMW! 

Here’s to 100 more!

K-Day HAWL+Photo dump! K-Day HAWL+Photo dump!

My K-Mart had 12 cases and 13 people. One sorry soul didn’t get a case, but such is luck. So here’s what I got:

Birthday Photodump! Birthday Photodump!

Happy birthday LaLD! Enjoy this big honkin' photodump of some of my pictures from over the years. I was trying to think of a good type of car to feature today, but I realized that we do all kinds of die-cast here at LaLD and it just didn't seem right to limit this post in such a way. Here's to another year of quality…

Forza Dump yo! Forza Dump yo!

Felt like doing a forza pic dump!

Photo dump + cars i didn't know i had Photo dump + cars i didn't know i had

i didnt know i had a flinstone mobile nor do i even.remember when i bought it...

McLaren-Mercedes MP4-20 McLaren-Mercedes MP4-20

Originally intended to write a CDM post. Realised there would be nothing much to talk about, so here is a high-octane photodump!

Photodumping my shots away Photodumping my shots away

Shors of the week!. Its been a slow week for me.

i know its Muscle/Murica Monday i know its Muscle/Murica Monday

But im gonna be different and do a forza photo dump because FREEDOM!

[PHOTO DUMP] My 2014 Hot Wheels Collection so far [PHOTO DUMP] My 2014 Hot Wheels Collection so far

So, I decided to get all of my 2014 HW cars out of the cardboard box that I've been keeping them in (stored in a way that won't bend the cards, of course), and spread them out to get some pics for you all. Enjoy.