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Did You Know That We Created a World Supercomputer? Did You Know That We Created a World Supercomputer?

You may have noticed that for a couple of months I’ve been going down this cryptocurrency rabbit hole. I was trying to wrap my mind around this whole ICO craze and explain it in plan English to someone else; looked at the implications of tokenization and blockchain technology in general for different industries (some…

Why Are Banks Keeping Such a Close Eye on Everex?

Current banking systems are inefficient, expensive, and overly time-consuming. Look at the length of time it takes an international money transfer to hit your bank account, or the fees levied for ‘processing’ it. You may also want to look at how long it takes for a ‘pending’ payment to leave your…

How Game Theory Helps Blockchain Tell The Truth About The World

Game theory plays a key role in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Whether it’s the payoff matrix, Nash equilibrium, the prisoner’s dilemma, Grim trigger, Schelling points or bounded rationality, game theory concepts have big implications for blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Africa's Greenest Hotel Might Adopt Blockchain to Advance Sustainability Efforts

Under the scorching sun of a drought-stricken Cape Town, there sits Africa’s greenest hotel, Hotel Verde. Brightened by natural lighting and driven by the most advanced green technologies, the hotel strives to minimize its carbon footprint, including its water consumption.

Science Company Matryx Fuses Blockchain and Virtual Reality

Coinbase founder Fred Ehrsam once wrote that virtual reality could be blockchain’s “killer app.” A biotech software company headquartered on the UC San Diego campus agrees. Nanome, which focuses on VR applications for science and technology applications, has blended the two on its blockchain…

What is Tokenization and What Is All The Hype Around It? What is Tokenization and What Is All The Hype Around It?

If you keep a close eye on the tech news, you couldn’t help but notice the terms “token”, “ICO” and “Tokenization” spreading like wildfire from one publisher to another.

Synereos Attention Economy Blockchain App Rebranded as WildSpark

“We aren’t competing with YouTube for hosting the content — we are introducing a way for curators and creators to monetize their existing activity, outside of the platform itself,” says founder and CEO of Tel Aviv-based Synereo, Dor Konforty, about ‘WildSpark’, his company’s flagship product…