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Crashplan ends Home backup solution

In an announcement from CEO Joe Payne, Code42 announced yesterday that they will no longer be offering the popular (and Lifehacker favorite) backup solution Crashplan for Home. Citing a shift in business strategy to enterprise solutions, the company invites current users to either switch over to their Small Business…

Our Home Data Management Strategy Our Home Data Management Strategy

This past Monday, I got it in my mind to make a Public Service Announcement to my friends and family on Facebook. I wanted to share with them how we managed our family’s most precious data: Photos and Videos.

Saved by a Backup

Anybody here want to speak up if they made a backup in the last few days? You know like, if you’ve backed up and you know it, clap your hands? I was putzing with Win10 today. When people say ‘backup’, some of them *mean* it. I’ve been sweating out an image restore of Win7, because I think I really did something bad…

At Technology's Mercy At Technology's Mercy

Technology sometimes "evolve" faster than we can adapt, and that's especially true for the general elderly people. I'm nowhere near the golden age, and I usually keep a backup of software that I've used over my computing years in case they go obsolete and become irreplaceable. At times, because you're using newer…