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How to Effectively Launch Your First Art Exhibition

Organizing an art exhibition isn’t a joke, especially if it’s your first. Everything has to be perfect and sometimes, it might be a tad difficult remembering where to even start. However, we have come up with a few tips that should point you in the right direction. Look through below:

Steal Like an Artist - A Review (Kind Of) Steal Like an Artist - A Review (Kind Of)

I downloaded Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon a few summers ago on a whim (and a free kindle download with Prime) and it made my whole concept of my hobbies make a little more sense. I read it in a couple of days (I’m a slow reader), but Kleon boils it all down to ten points which are conveniently available on the…

Android (Root) - Xposed For Lollipop Has Arrived! (Alpha) [Updates]

The dev who brought us the Xposed Framework, Rovo89, last week posted a version that works with Lollipop and its ART runtime. When he said "coming soon", he wasn't kidding.

A Few New Group Kinjas are Online

They have creaked open the door a bit for some additional Group Kinjas and I have taken advantage of their generosity to create the following: BookClub, TVClub, MovieClub, MusicClub, ArtClub and Travel. If anyone is interested in posting, you're invited to sign-up.

Magnetic Wallpaper Lets You Redecorate Your Room Every Day Magnetic Wallpaper Lets You Redecorate Your Room Every Day

Designer Luis Pons may have just come up with the biggest innovation in home decorating since wall-to-wall carpeting. This large magnetic panel, which could be easily made to cover the walls of an entire room, is adorned with a metal mesh 'fabric' that can be rearranged, repositioned, and even completely replaced to…