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Step Counter - recommend?

Can anyone recommend a simple free step counter app for Android? What I need is something that can measure distances walked in km and miles. Right now I’m trying to make an app work, based on height and weight, but it refuses to count steps in any kind of synchronized way, even though I’m sure I measured those…

Bluetooth issues with a Moto phone

Hi again Hackerspacers! I own a Moto G4 Play phone. I use it just for playing audio books. It’s perfect for that, except when something crashes. I expect the Moto to just keep playing books in the background at home, no matter what else is going on. Lately it’s either the media player (in this case, Play Music) that has…

Does this Android app exist?

Just in case anyone still checks here, I am looking for an Android app that makes a sound when a wifi connection is established. I’ve used so many different search terms on Play Store, but they don’t lead to anything like what I want. Does anyone know about such an app? A link to one? Thanks!!

Top Effective Ways to Stream Videos on Your Android

Streaming, in itself, is a somewhat complex concept. There’s a lot of avenues for you to stream, and there are certain services that only offer streaming services for specific channels, genres, and devices. This means that while streaming on Kodi might be the most effective choice for…

Usable Battery Charge Notifiers

In searching for Android apps that could be counted upon to play or sing or chime something when the battery got too low or high enough <—- and NOT EVER FAIL— I settled on these two, though neither are totally infallible FWIW, “Battery Charge Notifier” does well on an Axon 7 (2016), while “BT Free” seems best for a…

Gravity Screen - On/Off

Amazing as Android is these days, this app makes it even more so... especially if your phone isn’t exactly new and/or doesn’t have certain motion/proximity gestures built in, like mine. I have a Moto G4 Play which especially benefits from the slight-of-hand magic that Gravity Screen provides. Flip the phone, off it…

Battery notifier app?

Hi! Can anyone suggest a (preferably free or even ad supported) battery notifier for Android? I’m not exactly happy over what I found so far. I was hoping for one app that would reliably work on all the devices I have. Two devices are on Marshmellow, another on Neugat. They don’t have to be feature filled apps— a…

Simple Sticky Note Widget

A few weeks ago I recommended a stickynote app to someone on here and I don’t know how to find them and give the link to the correct app. The app I recommended was/is a feature-stacked piece of shit with ads. This one isn’t. It’s just a widget.

Monument Valley 2 Coming Soon! Monument Valley 2 Coming Soon!

For those of you who have an Android device and haven’t had your heads in the sand when it comes to some of the best puzzle games out there, Monument Valley is one of the very best and the game designers, ustwo, are soon to be releasing Monument Valley 2!

Sticky Note App

Apps don’t get simpler than this one. It’s called just about what it is, Simple Sticky Note Widget. It has no features but the widget. To make a note, you add a widget to your home screen. To make another, you add another.

Yummy Nougat

Where o where’s the open thread? I have some things that must be said. Nougat is at last OTA-ing on my Axon 7. I shouldn’t really say anything until after the reboot, but I’m slightly excited.

A Spotify Rhyme

Don’t deny Spotify access to Storage. Bad things will happen when you go to forage. Locking the phone will sure **** up the day when there is no music, when Spots will not play. I swore and I raged at my innocent phone coz I just couldn’t leave some Permissions alone. But what do we know of mistakes, til they’re made? when…

A question about Google Photos, and the Axon 7 phone

Does anyone here have any ideas on what I can do with a ZTE Axon 7 (running Android 6.01) when I go to Google Photos, choose “use as” or “edit in” and get “no apps can perform this action” It makes no sense to me. I have a gallery app already part of the system, ready to be the default opener/editor of pics. But Photos…

Hexlock - App Locker, File Hider, Cat Pic Obscurer

This app came highly recommended by a rare Youtuber, one who is *not* a flake, so I am linking it here. Very useful if you’re privacy minded, or paranoid... there’s a difference nowadays?? : )

Tapet - an Awesome Wallpaper Maker

“ Tapet™ “ is the most noval and interesting wallpaper app I’ve seen. It doesn’t draw upon a repository of images, rather it generates them based on colors and patterns that can be changed with various swipe gestures. It’s fun and it’s free (for now) and it’s here:

The Grumpy Cat Weather App Won't Sugar Coat Things For You The Grumpy Cat Weather App Won't Sugar Coat Things For You

There are plenty of weather apps out there, but how many bring you the weather without trying to add a positive spin, courtesy of Grumpy Cat? Now available for Android and iOS (but possibly US only).

Nexus Ringtones and Notifications

I’m a sucker for ringtones, even the stupid ones, not that these are stupid, just saying. I don’t even own a friggen Nexus, still I ate these up.

TSF Launcher 3D Shell

If you want to try a fun launcher and hadn’t seen this one, give it a go. I can’t even say if it’s useful or a lot of 3d bling, but does it matter.

Invert pics so they'll survive Color Inversion

I don’t think I’ll ever see a “dark mode” for my phone, wherein you can flip to, say, white text over black, and yet keep your wallpaper from getting negative-ized. Instead, I inverted some of my wallpapers, then inverted the screen from Accessibility, in Settings. So, the inverted wallpaper, is inverted yet again,…

Waze Can Now Let You Know When You're Speeding.  Waze Can Now Let You Know When You're Speeding. 

I use the Android Waze app during my commute, and while driving home from work yesterday, I noticed that when I (by which I mean my friend and not actually me) was going a little above the speed limit, the GPS-based speedometer on the app showed both my speed, and the speed limit, and the circle around the my speed to…

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